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The History of PARC400® Chemical

In 1991 we did a lot of research and testing with PARC400® Chemical before  becoming the Canadian PARC400® Chemical distributor. Because of the excellent results from testing PARC400® Chemical on different applications, Big Chief Ventures Inc. has been the Canadian distributor of PARC400® Chemical for over 30 years. We have developed and supervised more applications & treatments with PARC400® Chemical than any other PARC400® Chemical distributor in the World!!

Some of these applications and treatments were to remove and control paraffin & asphaltene problems in oil wells, gas wells and water injection wells by doing constant injection down the anulus a/o formation squeezes, cleaning pipelines and vessels of paraffin & asphaltene, as well as processing tank bottom sludge (right in the customers production tank) back into pipeline acceptabel crude oil by using PARC400® Chemical & the ‘Tank Turbulator’. 

I personally have been in the oil and gas industry for forty plus years and have a lot of experience with oilfield chemicals. The testing we did with PARC400® Chemical proved to me that if you have a Paraffin a/o Asphaltene problem and if we can get PARC400® Chemical in contact with the Paraffin a/o Asphaltene, the problem will be solved. With my experience of testing other chemicals, I have never found another chemical that works as well as PARC400® Chemical. I have used PARC400® Chemical on numerous paraffin & asphaltene problems in the oil & gas industry, solving a wide range of Paraffin & Asphaltene problems.

PARC400® Chemical is notorious for the ‘Single Source Solution to all Paraffin & Asphaltene problems, because it is a Solvent, Dispersant, Crystal Modifier and Inhibitor, all in one.
This is why PARC400® Chemical has always been relied on to solve the worst cases of Paraffin & Asphaltene problems for all of our customers and new customers, alike.

If you have any Paraffin a/o Asphaltene problems, give me a call at 1-250-787-6780. I will develop a program and application using PARC400® Chemical that will solve your wax problems.

Jim Chapple
President / Owner

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