Tank Turbulator

We will process your “Tank Bottom Sludge” back into ‘pipeline acceptable’ crude oil, which in most cases, will more than pays for “your tank cleaning”. We have been doing this for many years and have had all satisfied customers.

“The Tank Turbulator” was developed to enhance the PARC400® Chemical treatment program by processing tank bottom sludge back into pipeline acceptable crude oil.

By using PARC400® Chemical, “The Tank Turbulator” and crude oil, we can process all hydrocarbon Tank Bottom Sludge in your crude oil storage tanks, back into ‘pipeline acceptable’ crude oil.

Sludge on the bottom of crude oil storage tanks is composed primarily of heavy hydrocarbon deposits, paraffin and asphaltene. Traditionally, sludge has been the domain of re-claimers, vac trucks and crews who all incur a huge cost to you for the removal and disposal of the hydrocarbon sludge.

With our process, it is not necessary to manually remove the hydrocarbon sludge from tank bottoms. By using PARC400® Chemical, a heating & pumping method (hot oilers for tanks up to approx. 100,000 bbl’s.) and the Tank Turbulator, the process will transform hydrocarbon sludge into pipeline acceptable crude oil, while it is in your tank. Now you can sell all of your sludge and not have to pay for it’s removal and diposal.

Our process significantly reduces the down time for your tanks. It is also simpler, safer and less expensive than any mechanical removal methods. Our process eliminates the danger of traditional sludge removal processes, where men work inside the tank. With our process men work safely on the outside of the tanks while the sludge is being processed inside the tank with the ‘Tank Turbulator’. Our process eliminates the high cost of removal, transportation and the disposal cost of sludge.

Ask yourself, why pay to have the sludge removed from the tanks, transported, and disposed of, when we can process it back into pipeline acceptable oil and you can sell it for a profit?

PARC400® Chemical is a solvent, dispersant, crystal modifier and inhibitor all in one. Once PARC400® puts paraffins and asphaltenes into solution, the crystal modifier in PARC400® keeps wax in solution until they are extracted at the refinery. PARC400® Chemical has been used in numerous foreign countries, the United States and Canada, for over twenty five years.

The Tank Turbulator is a device that we developed to provides high pressure turbulating on the tank bottom, where the sludge is, by the extreme blending and mixing of the sludge, the PARC400® Chemical, and the crude oil, within the tank.

NOTE: When processing tank bottom sludge it is blended with 3 – 4 parts of crude oil per 1 part of sludge. This is done to keep the viscosity of the oil at an acceptable level once the sludge has been processed back into pipeline acceptable crude oil.

The volume of fluid circulated through The Tank Turbulator is dependant on the diameter of tank and the volume of sludge and oil. The Tank Turbulator is designed to be fitted near the bottom of the storage tank and can be extended up to 50 meters into the tank (approx. 160 feet) if required.

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