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06/06/11    The Tank Turbulator
"The Tank Turbulator" was developed to enhance the PARC400 Chemical treatment program by processing tank bottom sludge back into pipeline acceptable crude oil.

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We have the answer for dirty tanks!
Introducing a method of recapturing sludge THAT MAKES YOU MONEY

Paraffin and Asphaltene - two ugly byproducts that we can remove from your wells and tanks!

An increase in production of 10%, 30% or even 100% after PARC400 Chemical treatment is not uncommon in wells having paraffin and asphaltene problems. Some wells that have paraffin / asphaltene problems may also have a combination of other problems.

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Why Choose Us

We have the technology and chemicals that can save your company money!

The deposition of paraffin and asphaltene in oil wells are among the most common problems leading to the deterioration of oil and gas production; however, they are among the easiest to rectify with proper PARC400 Chemical treatments.

Customized Solutions

Hot oil treatments are used for the removal of deposited paraffin and asphaltene in the tubing and casing. Crude Oil from a storage tank is heated and then pumped down the annulus. While the hot oil is moving down the annulus, it comes in contact with the outside of the tubing and begins to melt the deposited paraffin and asphaltene from the outside in.